A Deeper Look into the Options for Building Up vs Building Out

Home Additions Planning Montgomery County PA

Now that we have touched lightly on the subject for adding on to your home, we have also discussed a few ways to create this new space; build-out, single story addition, or build-up by adding on to existing space above or do both, build out and up. The possibilities are endless with the proper planning.

For example, the purpose of your addition may be to bring exterior living space inside by designing a sunroom or what we also call a three-season room. The sunroom is essentially a way to bring the outside indoors. The sunroom generally has plenty of windows, lots of seating, and filled with greenery. A sunroom looks great, creates ambiance, and other pleasures. It’s not a necessity for a home, but fun to have.

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Carla Colella of Colella Construction Inc featured in Wine Cellars of Today.


Wine Cellars of Today, a House and Home article featuring contributor Carla Colella of Colella Construction Inc.

Today’s wine cellars aren’t just for storing your everyday wine, they are for socializing and for showing off your award winning collection from the worlds most prestigious wineries.

Click here to read more about how to create a wine cellar that suites your palate.

Does it make more sense to build out or build up, what is the best option for you?

Home Remodeling Guide

There are two key means of adding to your home: horizontally (building out) or vertically (building up). Depending on the reason behind your addition, the answers can vary. For example, kitchen additions usually go out, and a master suite can typically build up but there are always exceptions. This is where you would lean on your trusted design/build firm to help establish not only the best option for you but the best option for the space you have to work with.

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Doylestown PA Kitchen Remodel


The Original Plan:

Tired of the original kitchen cabinets and layout, this family wanted to “refresh and update” the space with new appliances, backsplash  and countertops but keep the existing cabinets and refinish them.

The New Plan:

After some research, pricing and in depth discussions about the use of the space, and what they truly wanted for their kitchen, a decision was made to change the layout, get new cabinets, appliances, countertops and backsplash plus re-do the hardwood flooring and update the electric. On top of the kitchen renovation, we added new Anderson double hung windows and a six foot sliding door with access to the beautiful flagstone patio.

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An In depth look at spaces that will give you the highest return


Remodeling a home is a huge task at hand, but a home addition or remodel that is planned well, will pay for itself over and over again. A home addition is one way to get more use out of your present home, and can be a fiscally responsible option to buying a larger one. Furthermore, additions add value to a home and can be a smart investment later when it comes time to sell. However, the best additions are those that weigh present needs against the future value of a home.

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The Ground Rules for Building an Addition on to your Home


Now that you are considering a home addition, there are many things to think about for what is best for you, your family and your home. Other than the original purchase of your home, an addition is most likely the largest investment you will make. So before you start tearing down walls, there are a few things to think about first.

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Home Addition Planning Guide


You have looked through magazines, talked with family and friends, and searched everywhere for inspiration in the desire to follow your dream of the perfect home addition. However, you’re not finished until you consider the following questions provided in this Home Addition Planning Guide:

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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Remodel Planning PART 1

Kitchen Remodeling Planning Guide

1 year, 2 year, 3 year 4, how much longer can I look at this floor? This is where it begins right? The cracks in the grout, the knick in the cabinet door, the drawer hanging on by a thread, no wait, it is the lavender paint you thought would look fabulous with your new table runner. Whatever the reason may be, you are probably reading this because you have decided it is time to remodel your kitchen. If you have read my previous blog on planning a bathroom remodel and what it costs, the same steps apply here. In this week’s topic, I will cover a few simple steps in planning your kitchen remodel with the help of some of the most trusted resources from Houzz.com and Better Homes and Gardens.

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Bathroom Remodel Cost and Considerations

bathroom remodeling cost

If a bathroom remodel is on your agenda and you don’t know where to begin, you came to the right place. I am here to talk about some of the most important factors when planning a bathroom remodel. There are a variety of things to consider before you start planning.  How long do you plan to stay in your home? What is the purpose of the remodel; update only, make a few changes for added storage, or recreate the space entirely to fit your lifestyle? What is your wish list?  These questions lead to the next key factor in planning a project and most often the “elephant in the room”, do you have a working budget?  The answers to the first few questions are your guide to planning around what works best for you and our goal is to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision.  So let’s get to it! Continue reading

Smart appliances for the connected home

smart appliances for kitchen design

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 just coming to a close, there is an increase in partnerships to grow the existing “smart home.” Through the hub of home automation and combination of third party applications, I’ve learned that I can now text my refrigerator to find out how much longer my milk has before it expires. I can’t lie, I usually let is go until a week after it expires so what I am really hoping for is that my next refrigerator can actually text me and say “Carla, that isn’t the best choice of food for you today, maybe you should try an apple instead”!

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